BlacKkKlansman: An Oscar-Worthy Classic Delivered by Spike Lee

by Derrel Jazz Johnson

Spike  Lee’s newest film Blackkklansman is an instant classic deserving of Academy Award consideration.

Set in the  1970s and based on a  true story, the film stars John David  Washington (son of Denzel and Pauletta Washington) as Ron  Stallworth, a Colorado Springs police officer working in a racist force.

While reading a local newspaper,  Stallworth stumbles upon an advertisement for the hate group the Ku Klux Klan and decides to call. That phone call led to a conversation,  and then an invitation, which led to Stallworth doing his true passion, undercover work.

Without giving the plot away, the film explores the phone conversations with  Stallworth and members, including leadership, of the KKK, as well as the interactions with the white officer who has to play Stallworth in physical interactions with organization members.

Ultimately,  Spike Lee wanted to make a huge political statement with this film, and he  did so while telling  a true story. Spike discussed  some of his inspiration for making  the film.


“There ’s a lot of  Americans, black  and white, who think  that we’ve arrived where  we need to be and nothing  else needs to be done and affirmative action needs to dismantle”, Lee said.


The  fact that  there are people  of color who don’t  believe that racism still  exists, or that they do not experience  it is beyond me. But, unfortunately, these  people do exist.

I  know  some of  them.

This film can unite people to resist and abolish hate groups like the KKK,  who are  nothing but  terrorists, whether  they are wearing white  hoods and robes or protesting  with tiki torches, like in Charlottesville a little over a year  ago.

The  Black  Klansman  himself discussed  how unity amongst those  who oppose racist groups like  the KKK can create a better America.


“If  one black  man, aided by  a bevy of good,  decent, dedicated, open-,  and liberal-minded whites and Jews  can succeed in prevailing over a group  of white racists by making them look like  the ignorant fools they truly are,  then imagine  what a nation  of like-minded individuals  can accomplish”, Stallworth said.

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