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President Biden's COVID Response


The Thrill of Victory Biden 2020

When the presumptive President-elect Joe Biden announced his candidacy 18 months ago, many Republicans felt that he was the most feared opponent out of the 23 Democrats who had...

The Ideal Candidate for 2020

We all want to support the ideal candidate for President, but that person never seems to be running. What we can do at this stage is to ponder the social...

Legalize Marijuana? Pros and Cons

Excessive use of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana can be devastatingly harmful—physically, socially, spiritually. If any easy, painless way could be found to banish them from the face of the...


Can Judge, Yankees Keep up Dominant Pace?

by Tate Hutchinson With a 66-31 record, a twelve-game divisional lead, and a league-leading six All-Star selections, the Yankees have been nothing short of a commanding force this MLB...


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