Black Doctor 247 App launched by Black Physicians

By Derrel Jazz Johnson

Imagine going to the doctor or taking an elderly family member to the hospital and the doctor doesn’t want to touch you because of your race? The doctor doesn’t know your name? We know racism is everywhere, including in healthcare, but racism is impacting what level of care the Black community gets, especially battling the COVID-19 Pandemic, which is having a worse impact on our communities.  But a group of doctors aims to combat the continual COVID crisis that has devastated Black and Brown families, as well as other health issues that plague our communities with the launch of the Black Doctors 247 app.

The Black Doctor 247 app, which allows any person to access a Black doctor across the United States 24/7, and is available in the Apple and Google Play Stores, connects several campaigns central to Black Wellness 247, including The Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program, Black Limbs Matter and The Black Beauty Salon Health Initiative. The goal of these elements is to reduce health disparities in the Black community. The app adds to the existing efforts of the Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program, which has already screened over 30,000 African American men throughout the nation.

“As someone who specializes in the health of individuals in high-risk populations, I’ve seen firsthand the disparities that exist for the Black community,” said Dr. Bill Releford, a specialist in avoidance of amputations. “Health outcomes for Black patients improve greatly when they’re seen by Black doctors, so we are partnering with doctors and barbershops across the nation to create a network of physicians for the Black community that promotes communication and trust.” Dr. Releford was motivated to get involved because he lost his Mom at the age of 68 to diabetes. “I could not help her, but I can help others.”

The Black Doctor 247 app allows those with a smartphone or tablet to use an intuitive dashboard with artificial intelligence to check their vital signs, including heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, blood pressure, and even mental stress symptoms. In addition, Black Doctor 247 will offer real-time, remote video-based Vital Signs Monitoring to facilitate early detection of COVID-19 in underserved communities across the country.

Despite the expansion of healthcare in recent years, research shows that massive healthcare disparities exist between the Black community and other communities. A study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research showed that Black patients have better health outcomes when they are treated by a Black doctor. The study also concluded that black men assessed by Black doctors agreed to more preventive measures, resulting in the need for less invasive services.

So for Black patients that struggled to find Black Doctors in their area, visit to download the Black Doctors 247 App.

40 thoughts on “Black Doctor 247 App launched by Black Physicians”

  1. I’m looking for a black Dr. Male or female specializing in diabetes and heart. I would like to have Dr. Releford if I can. I have Health first, but I will change if he wants me to.

  2. Bridget Carmickle

    I am looking for an African American male or female Endocrinologist in Houston Texas.

  3. I am looking for a black female doctor to be a primary care doctor in Sugar Land, Texas. I prefer at least 7 years in practice and experience with patients 50-60 years of age.

  4. I am looking to find a black female doctor that also helps with weight loss in the Madison Alabama area.

  5. What happened to this app? There’s obviously a serious need out there, but it’s not functioning and not available where it should be.

  6. i am looking for a african american female pain management doctor for my ex-girl f. in aurora/parker colorado area. almost immediately, thx so much.

  7. I’m looking for a black pcp doctor in orange county,ca
    Who is thorough, professional and has excellent bedside manners. I’m also looking for an African american endocrinologist in Orange County, Ca

  8. I am looking for a Black doctor ( who care about my health) And know about what he is doing. I AM IN Aubrey Texas 76227.

  9. Denise Perkins

    I’m looking for a black Orthopedic doctor in Milwaukee area and a black pcp provider. I have common Ground Insurance. I need help asap. I’m a school bus driver had accident on bus job said it was my fault, sent to the workman’s comp doctor,. He told me I was clear for work , with a broke knee cap on left knee. already in PT for right knee. Both legs injured I can’t work like this. Body ache and pains all over. These doctors I have seen do not care about me. They talk to me very disrespectful . I just hoping to find a doctor who look like me, who really care about there people not see me as just a paycheck. These people don’t care if I reinjure myself. My legs are of no use as now. On crutches, lower back messed up, can’t sit or stand for long periods of time . Hands knumbing up and aches and pain. Shoulders blades and neck aches. I’m hurting and no one I’ve seen so far seem not to care . Not even my own PCP.

  10. Dorothy Francis

    I recently moved to the area. I am looking for a black neurologist. I live in Fairburn Georgia Zip Code 30213.

  11. Sharleene gainer

    I’m looking for a primary care doctor African American male or female near me in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

  12. This is a Great day in the history and future for all medicine, to be able to find a doctor who looks like me and actually does see me.

  13. Pain management back specialist in Little Rock or just Arkansas period. I will drive for the right care.

  14. Rosemarie Marks

    Looking urgently for a black Dermatologist 08045 zip code or surrounding area

  15. I am seeking a black male doctor for my son in the Union/Essex County, New Jersey areas.

  16. i rickey willis -am looking for a independent black pain management doctor milwa1ukee,wisconsin

  17. i rickey willis am looking for a independent black doctor pain management in milwaukee, wisconsin

  18. I am a 66 yr old recently retired who is now on Medicare. I am looking for a male African American Primary care physician to be my doctor.

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