Tips for New Graduates

As graduates face this new chapter in their lives, they will be presented with different financial learning and obstacles including earning a salary for the first time, starting their own business or anything in-between that brings them face-to-face with finances. To make the adjustment to adulthood a little easier, please find five helpful post-grad finance tips from Rebecca Grammarian, Personal Finance Expert at

  1. Build your credit. In today’s world, the importance of credit can be found in almost every aspect of life. From applying for a credit card to purchasing a car, your credit score is used to determine your creditworthiness. As a young adult and recent college graduate, you should always be conscious of how your financial decisions affect your credit score. If you didn’t have a credit card during college, find a card that best suits your needs and lifestyle and get one now. Whether you use it or not, having a credit card in your name helps you establish credit, and the longer you have a credit history, the better… By Arianna Rosales

By Arianna Rosales

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