THT Battletrak

Dimension U partnered with The Harlem Times to create the tournament Battletrak. The Harlem Times spoke exclusively with Dimension U’s Chief Executive Officer Steven Hoy about the genesis of the company as well as how he partnered with The Harlem Times for Battletrak. We also spoke with two New York City educators about their experience with Battletrak.

“Dimension U is an educational video game platform that allows students to engage in a video game context or environment with their friends,” Hoy told The Harlem Times. “It is a multiplayer environment, but also reinforces curriculum that’s being taught in the classroom for students in grades elementary through high school. All of the content is aligned to standard, so it is a great way for students to practice and reinforce their math and literacy skills, while at the same time being able to experience and have that video game feel.” Hoy then went on to discuss the origin of Battletrak. “Battletrak, which is really THT Battletrak, was created through a partnership with The Harlem Times, DimensionU…

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