The Harlem Renaissance by St. Marks Students

As a teacher, I have enjoyed instilling knowledge and pride in my students. During our study of The Renaissance unit, I saw how they became intrigued with learning how society at that time had experienced the “rebirth”  It was even more exciting to connect what happened during the Renaissance to the Harlem Renaissance.  We discovered that Harlem experienced the “rebirth” in its own way through music, dance, poetry, written work, etc.  As the students researched their individual persons, I could see how excited they were to learn about these individuals and dress to become these individuals.  On Friday, the 5th Grade class presented to the St. Mark School and parents what they have studied through speeches, musical renditions, exhibitions and so much more.  I am SUPER proud of their accomplishments as we celebrate The Past, The Present, and Our Future.

Mrs. Sandra Grant Dade

Lia Outlaw as Florence Mills

I am Lia Outlaw and I am learning at St. Mark the Evangelist School.  I was recently researching Florence Mills. At first, I thought, “Oh well, it’s a dancer” and didn’t think further of that.  I continued researching and realized she died at the age of 31 because of an infection after surgery.  I wanted to stop the research but then I thought, “I want to know her story.”  It was a good thing because I found out how she encouraged African American dancing to become popular.  I was very happy that I continued to know more about her.  She inspires me!!

Ellison Angel as James Van Der Zee

My name is Ellison and I am a student in the 5th Grade at St. Mark the Evangelist School.  I researched James Van Der Zee and an amazing figure from the Harlem Renaissance.  Researching him made me feel amazing.  I got to find out about his many accomplishments.  It felt amazing learning about that time in our history.  The Harlem Renaissance was a period of time when African Americans could do many of the things they couldn’t do before.  Researching James Van Der Zee informed me of a lot of the happenings at that time.

Jayden Gilliam as Louis Armstrong

Hi. My name is Jayden and I attend St. Mark the Evangelist School.  I researched Louis Armstrong because he is a musician and plays the trumpet.  During the research, I felt like I was making my own book of him.  I felt awesome doing this project on Louis Armstrong.

Skyi Cruz as Ella Fitzgerald

My name is Skyi Cruz and I am in 5th Grade at St. Mark the Evangelist School. I researched Ella Fitzgerald.  My experience researching her was fun and interesting.  I learned new things about Ella.  Overall, my experience was entertaining.  Did you know her full name is Ella Jane Fitzgerald? 

5th Grade PresentationTeacher: Mrs. Sandy Grant- Dade
Ellison AngelJames Van Der Zee
Phoenix BanksGeorgia Douglas Johnson
Michael Brown, Jr.Lewis Grandson-Alexander
Brianna CastilloJosephine Baker
Skyi CruzElla Fitzgerald
Jayden GilliamLouis Armstrong
Brianna GrantZora Neale Hurston
Brooken HollomanBillie Holiday
Bryson LatimoreCountee Cullen
Reynel McLeanPaul Robeson
Babacar NiangAaron Douglas
Lia OutlawFlorence Mills
Maie-Michelle SogbossiEthel Waters
Kyle Thorner, Jr.Cab Calloway
Princess Estelle Tolbert Evelyn Preer
Tangie TorbertBessie Smith
Asher White, IIIJean Toomer

13 thoughts on “The Harlem Renaissance by St. Marks Students”

  1. Michael Brown Sr.

    Very proud of the school it’s self the students the teachers and the parents that motivate our young generation to BMORE than life has to offer them. Thank you for keeping not only our kids safe but for keeping together.

  2. Courtni Tolbert

    Absolutely Awesome!! This class demonstrated their desire to learn and enjoyed doing it. Excellent job 5th grade!

  3. Ms.Sandy ,is an educator ,who has high expectations of her students and exposes them to wonderful opportunities to develop the skills they need as life – long learners. Congratulations 5th Grade on your Research Projects !!!

  4. That was magnificent!!! I am so proud of the 5th grade class and all that they learned about the Harlem Renaissance.
    Ms. Sandy, you have an amazing group of children! Keep up the great work!

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