Educators Share Tips for Home School Success

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust parents and guardians into the position of having to oversee the studies of their children from home, often while working themselves and taking care of the needs of the house. As you might imagine, not everyone was ready for this enormous undertaking, but don’t fret!

The Harlem Times spoke to seasoned New York City educators, who shared tips for home school success. “Parents have to educate themselves on the technology as well as the school work,” explained Ronald K. Alexander, former Director of Education at RestorationArt, on faculties at the Ailey School, Stella Adler School of Acting, and the Black Arts Institute, Billie Holiday Theater, Brooklyn, NY. “Parents may be woefully behind and blindsided by the technology and materials. To fully help their children, parents need to take the time and educate themselves or they will be useless to their own kids.”

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