Celebrating Bianca Pitman: Pioneer in Women’s Health

by Jade Coley

Women’s Health Advocate, Sacred Womb Healer, Birth Doula, Podcaster, Yoni Steam Facilitator, and new mommy, Bianca Pitman has launched a new product from her Be You Beauty line, Divine Yoni Liquid Wash. Bianca’s natural and holistic remedies for reproductive care are changing the way women engage with the most powerful and vulnerable part of themselves: their vaginas. Bianca discusses her transformative journey with holistic reproductive wellness, the reality of western medicine for Black women’s maternal health, and why womb healing heals generations.

From a young age, Bianca knew she wanted a natural pregnancy and a homebirth, but as she went through puberty and came into womanhood, she had monumental adversities that affected her reproductive health. Bianca, for many years, could not have a natural menstrual cycle. After countless visits to gynecologists, experiments with various birth controls, and being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (a.k.a. PCOS), Bianca was told it was very unlikely she will ever conceive, and if she does, the chance of carrying to full term was even more scarce.

Despite the research she had done, the knowledge she had gained, and what her intuition and body was telling her, Bianca was admonished that the only hope for this improbable occurrence was with more birth control experimentation. Exhausted by what Bianca describes as “fearmongering” of what she was experiencing through Western medical practice, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Bianca says, “I decided to turn my pain into power and passion. Not letting my adversities get the best of me, optimize my challenges to be able to help somebody.” So, she helped herself.

Continually updating and expanding her education and certifications, Bianca is dedicated to empowering women, particularly, Black women to become better educated, understand and listen to their own bodies, and to gain advocacy through holistic, spiritual and ancient traditional approaches to reproductive health care. As an African American woman herself, Ms. Pitman experienced first-hand the indignation women of color are too familiar with in our healthcare system. Despite the misguidances, trials, and tribulations she’s experienced, Pitman is an advocate of patient doctor partnerships.

“Black women need options. We go to these hospitals and we don’t know if we or our babies will come back. We are constantly being told what’s wrong with us, how we’re doing it wrong. When it comes to our journey, we’re treated like we don’t feel any pain, so we’re not taken seriously most of the time. Women are the most powerful when they’re pregnant. Nobody can tell you about your body better than yourself. I love Western medicine and modern medicine when it’s absolutely necessary. But giving birth is not a medical condition. It’s only a medical condition when you have a high-risk pregnancy. And, Black women are treated like their high-risk pregnancies but are not given a high risk level of care.”

-Bianca Pitman, Certified Holistic Health Coach

Conversions around women’s reproductive care has become a pivotal role in the work with Be You Beauty. In addition to running a luxury feminine wellness product brand, Bianca is also having conversations about vaginal wellness every chance she gets, hosting her own podcast “Coochie Conversations,” where she and her guests unabashedly discuss the wide variety of subjects around women’s health. Bianca observes, “It’s so taboo to talk about our vaginas, and we need to have sovereignty of ourselves, and that starts with knowing ourselves, and knowing what our family has been through.” She maintains that, “Healing the womb is healing generations.” Bianca’s next episode will be about womb trauma and why generational conversations are so important to an individual’s physical, mental, spiritual well being. You can listen to her show “Coochie Conversations” on any platform where you get your podcasts, and shop her products, as well as hire her for a Coochie Conversations event with your girlfriends, and book a womb healing consultation at https://beyoubeauty.com/.

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