Wine Selection: House of Mandela

Inspired by the great Nelson Mandela, Makaziwe and Tukwini Mandela furthered the legacy of their heritage and launched a family brand of wine, called “House of Mandela” (HOM).

HOM Wines opening press party was jointly held in one of New York’s fashionable galleries, The French Cheese Board”.  The Mandelas presented their new brand with the grace, the passion and the sense of community – not unike their Father & figurehead, Mr. Mandela.

A product of the very ancestral roots shared by its creators, The House Of Mandela Wine exudes the same quality of elegance, poise and rich robust flavor as it’s creators.   “A portion of our profits will be donated to the House of Mandela Family Foundation (HoMFF) as well as the Africa Rising Foundation”, so says the owners.

From the horn of plenty and kingdoms past, the Mandelas come from a long line of royalty.  The family lineage and royal bloodline reaches back to the 18th century, and traces back to a small village by the Mbashe river.  During their presentation, the Mandelas  reflected on the words their paternal & political leader would often repeat, “I was shaped by the cultural traditions and values of my ancestral roots.”

No stranger to the international market, The first wine harvest of South Africa was in 1659.  Europeans coveted South African wine.  Recapturing and dedicating themselves to making a positive contribution, the Mandelas shared, “we have a great respect for the environment.  All of our wines are produced in the world’s most beautiful, biodiverse winelands in an environmentally sensitive and ethically responsible manner.

As if coming down through the ages, HOM Captures the soul, the beauty and the grace of South Africa.  From the voices that were once silenced, like the phoenix, this family continues to encompass the spirit of their people and rise and rise again.  By extension of their family pedigree and an outgrowth of  the rich, fertile ground of South  Africa, HOM wraps a smooth grasp around your palette

Wine has become one of the most important Fair Trade products in So. Africa.  Social movements do change the world.  In this case …one vineyard at a time from the House of Mandela.