BlaQue Resource Network is helping Queens residents during the COVID-Pandemic

COVID-19 is a deadly virus that has swept through the nation. The hardest hit city in the country is New York, specifically areas such as South East Queens. We have seen firsthand the negative impact thatthe virus has had on these areas. However, let’s talk about the positive impact we have seen for the local community. The BlaQue Resource Network (BRN) has been a positive for South East Queens and its surrounding areas. The Harlem Times interviewed Aleeia Abraham of BRN about how they are helping the area through the pandemic.

BRN is a virtual space for people of color in Queens to network and share resources. It is open for anyone to join; you don’t have to live in Queens, but you do have to love Queens. This group is big on community-based engagement, partnerships, and collaborations in order to better the community around them. They seek referrals for businesses so you can know the best places to shop. Also, it is a great way for people…

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