Harlem Inspires Addicts with Recovery Program

Paul Pellinger is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of
Recovery Unplugged, but it was his love of music and the viewing of a classic television show filmed in Har-lem that led Pellinger to combine his love of music with his expertise work-ing with addicts, to launch Recovery Unplugged. The Harlem Times spoke exclusively to Pellinger about how the village of Harlem helped him and how his business is impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pellinger, who was raised in upstate New York, was watching one of his favorite shows, It’s Showtime at the Apollo, late one night and did not know he would find the inspiration for Recovery Unplugged there. “Just watching the power of music, and how it gave people energy, it amazed me,” he said. “Music has the ability to communicate to the soul and that’s where…

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