Op-Ed: Recap of the RNC Campaign of Fear

by THT Staff

The Republican National Convention in 2020 focused on how well Republicans feel Trump has done as President for the past four years, making bold statements like ” America needs four more years of President Donald Trump in the White House.” The convention speakers explained why they do not believe that Joe Biden is a good fit for the presidency and how they believe he will tear America down, while instead, Trump will continue to build America up as he believes he has in the past few years. Trump’s supporters argued how they have seen him fight for all Americans and help make America great again.

The conference speakers also focused on how they believe that Joe Biden does not think America is great as it is and that he thinks America needs to be punished for what it has done, and anyone who feels that way about our country should not be President. There were many statements about safety in America, blue lives matter, and protecting the lives of our citizens by increasing the amount of policing in our neighborhoods because “you won’t be safe in Biden’s America.”

Trump Highlights

Trump kicked-off his speech letting Americans know that with him being re-elected we will be headed back to full employment quickly and we will rebuild America, together we will “save our nation.” Trump urged that “we will defend America against all threats” and “reach for new heights of national achievement.”

He called for a “new spirit of unity” between all Americans. He referred to COVID as an “invisible enemy” and promised that we will produce a “vaccine by the end of the year or maybe even sooner.” Listeners clapped as he exclaimed that we will beat the virus and the pandemic as “America has a special purpose in this world.” Trump rallied that this is the “most important election in the history of our country.” This election will determine whether we save the American dream or not. Trump believes that he will create millions of jobs in America instead of outsourcing them overseas. Trump said the democratic party “spends so much time tearing down our country” because they see “a wicked nation that must be punished for its sins.”

Trump believes that America should be glorified for what it is. Trump spent 75% of his speech outlining how he believes Joe Biden will tear down America that he (Trump) has been working so hard to build up. “I have done nothing but fight for you, I kept my promise” Trump explained.

Mike Pence Highlights

Pence led with “Where Joe Biden sees American darkness, we see American greatness.” He joined the Trump administration originally because “I knew that Donald Trump had the leadership and the vision to make America great again.” “We will keep supporting law enforcement,” Pence urged because we don’t have to choose between “supporting Black Americans and supporting law enforcement.” Pence urged that “You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America” and that “we are not going to de-fund the police, not now, not ever.”

Pence’s speech focused mostly on what the Democrats have not done well and what they are not going to do, rather than focusing on what Trump has done and what Trump plans to do in the future. Pence argued that Joe Biden’s idea for America is focused on “government control” while Trump’s idea for America is focused on “freedom.” Trump’s team explained that they want American’s to have freedom to choose where their children go to school. Pence believes that Trump’s America is what the people have been wanting and looking for in a President and that he deserves another term because that is what he believes the people need.


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