Michael K. Williams Passes Away at 54

Michael K. Williams passed away in his apartment on Monday. Williams starred in numerous roles, including Omar Little from the hit HBO series “The Wire”. Actors, athletes and other prominent figures grieved together over William’s passing.

Most recently, Williams had been nominated for a 2021 Emmy for his role as Montrose Freeman in HBO’s series “Lovecraft Country”. He had also found acclaim in his role as Chalky White in “Boardwalk Empire”.

Williams had inspired numerous actors, colleagues and friends through his work and virtue as a human being. Barack Obama in his first electoral campaign, he spoke of William’s character Omar on his unorthodox robin hood type character. And, Martin Scorsese had even said that he could have any part that he auditioned for in the film Bringing out the Dead, telling Williams “you’re a great actor”. Others have given similar statements, allowing us to reflect on William’s greatness as an actor and innovator.

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