Killer Nanny

Out of sight but not too far out of mind, accused Killer Nanny- Yoselyn Ortega, was back in the public eye today for the first time. America’s worst nanny was in court for an update to her first degree murder charge for the brutal and unsettling attack on the two children under her watch.  The vicious attack on two young siblings Lucia, 6, and Leo, 2, Krim took place on October 25th. Both of them perished from their fatal stab wounds

The two young victims were discovered by their mother Marina Krim, in the bathtub of their W. 7th street apartment. Her third child Nessie, 3, was withMarina and survived. Ortega was in the apartment as well, with her own throat slashed in an apparent suicide attempt, according to the police.

Today’s hearing was to address the length of time it is taking for a psychological evaluation to be administered to Ortega. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Gregory Carro is unhappy with the delay. According to Ortega’s public defender Valerie Van Leer-Greenberg, there are over 6.000 pages of medical records to go through. These records stem from before the brutal attacks. The Judge has ordered Ortega to undergo evaluation at a courthouse clinic on March 21 and be brought back to open court April 5th for psych exam results.

Ortega was in court for just two minutes, where she expressed impatience for the time it has taken to get her psychological evaluation completed. Nobody from the Krim family attended. Ortega kept her head down for most of the hearing. This was her fifth hearing overall, but first televised, as her lawyer worked fervently to keep reporters out of Ortega’s hospital bed-side arraignment in November.

The motive behind the devastating slaughter is still unclear. A possible reason may have been the refusal of the Krim family to give Ortega a raise.

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