Getting Down to Business – AABE Command Attention During the Quarterly Board Meeting

Smiles, embraces, and a dose of pats on the back are what one would find at a gathering of the leadership of the American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE). The 37-year-old non-profit organization was founded by a circle of dedicated professionals who were focused on a single mission — to serve as a voice on critical issues impacting minorities on key energy policies, research, and development.

The mood is generally light at the beginning of the meeting and feels more like a warm gathering of friends. However, the attendees quickly come to order and get right down to business. One of the many requirements is that board lead committees offer input, direction, and leadership. The servant leadership principal can be seen in many of the meetings and discussions.

Development, planning, and strategy are keen areas of focus at a normal board meeting. Results are really the critical elements for a normal AABE board meeting. The non-profit organization meets four times per year where the governing body convenes for a two to three day session filled with executive sessions, committee meetings, and plenty of time to catch up over group luncheons and mini refreshment breaks.

Committee chairs each have a filled agenda and conduct the sessions with a combination of in-person and conference calls for attendees. AABE Board Chairman George Williams and President and CEO Paula Jackson prepare detailed presentations and discuss upcoming concerns with the Regional Directors and Chapter leadership.

Items covered during the Sept. meeting included governance, non-profit status, fundraising, and a recap on the successful 2014 Houston Conference. In addition, the following items were also on the agenda:

Planning for the 2015 Conference
The Charter of 4 New Chapters (Alamo Region, Greater Boston, Gator Chapter and NYU-Poly Student Chapter)
Entrepreneur Committee
Legislative and Public Policy Update
Chapter Presidents Meeting

As part of the program, there are numerous items put before the group. This year AABE celebrates and focuses its mission on helping to bring together like-minded professionals to the National Conference in May 2015 and at the Dec. Board Meeting.