Local Supermarket Customers Will Call on Assemblymember Keith Wright
to Support NY GMO Labeling Bill A.617

WHAT:            Supermarket shoppers will call on Harlem Assemblymember Keith Wright to co-sponsor state bill A.617 requiring the labeling of genetically engineered food products.

WHO:              Supermarket customers, New York Public Interest Research Group

WHEN:            Thursday, April 9, 12PM

WHERE:         C-Town Supermarket, 238 W. 116 St., NY, NY 10026

VISUALS:       Volunteer soliciting calls, large signs and fact sheets

WHY:              State legislation – A. 617 – to require the labeling of food derived from genetically modified crops is currently making its way through the state legislature and recently passed the Assembly’s Consumer Affairs Committee. It would provide consumers with basic information on what’s in the food they eat and feed their families, allowing them to freely choose or avoid genetically modified foods. The bipartisan-proposed legislation was first introduced in 2013 and it passed the state Assembly’s Committee on Consumer Affairs and Protection in 2014. It faces opposition from Monsanto, Kraft Foods and other goliath food corporations, which have spent millions of dollars to lobby and provide campaign contributions to defeat the bill and keep the information from consumers.

According to recent polls, “Americans overwhelmingly support labeling foods that have been genetically modified,” with 93% of respondents in favor of labeling GMO foods. Over 64 countries- including the European Union, Australia, Japan, China, Russia and India- already require GMO labeling.