Black Artists in their Own Realm opens at Calabar Gallery in Harlem

NEW YORK, NY – Calabar Gallery is pleased to present BLACK ARTISTS IN THEIR OWN REALM: IDEAS, MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES curated by Atim Annette Oton. Opening July 29, the exhibition explores what ways Black Artists globally are working ideas from concept to processing, using materials and techniques to evolve artwork. It will showcase a group of African, Caribbean and African American Artists whose work dig deep into ideas, materials and technique innovatively and philosophically.

The exhibition will showcase 50 works of art both onsite and digitally from emerging and established artists across the globe. Artists in the gallery: Naomi Momoh, Winfred Nana Amoah, P. Wamaitha Ng’ang’a, Burns Effiom, Tunde Odunlade, Devynity Wray, Inyang Essien, Mecca Alim, B. Musah Swallah, Hassan Kalenga (Art of Kalenga), Aklilu Temesgen, Doba Afolabi, Alexandre Kyungu, Carl E. Hazlewood, Kwesi Nyarkoh, Pamella Allen, Manon Casimor-Sainton, (Sleepyfoot?), Xavier Kelley, Faustin Adenarin, Maurice Moore, Johnson Mugabe, Kikesa Kimbwala DeRobles, and Vera Tineo. Artists online: Dayani Munoz Regular and Joseph Idowu.

The exhibition began from a call during the pandemic and evolved from curator’s time online seeing what artists were producing. The call had about 500 responses and 25 artists were selected that represent a select group of African, Caribbean and African American artists. Work should include portraits, photography, textile abstract and collages. 

Highlights include the work of 20-year old Seattle based artist Xavier Kelley whose works is reminiscent of Basquait;Inyang Essien’s photography echoing J.D Okai Ojeikere’s hair style portraits focused on her  Nigerian-American identity, Ghanaian artists B. Musah’s barber portrait series and Winfred Amoah textile work highlighting Ghanaian women. The exhibition will have talks onsite and virtually and will close September 5. 

About Calabar Gallery: 

Calabar Gallery showcases contemporary African Artists and African Diaspora artists globally. Curated by Atim Annette Oton, each artist selected has work that deals with the complexities of the African experience. Based in Harlem, work featured is inspired and influenced by black African culture globally with a focus on dynamic ideas about art and society. Work includes paintings, sculptures, watercolors, drawings, pastels, prints, photographs, mixed media works and installations. Calabar Gallery represents underserved artists locally and globally: African, African American and Caribbean artists, with the mission of providing a place for community, exhibition, creative initiatives and projects. Follow Calabar Gallery on Facebook and Instagram @calabargallery.

 Gallery hours are Wednesday – Saturday, 12 pm to 7 pm, Sunday 1pm to 6pm.

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