Jackson & Fisher: Look to Bring a Championship to New York

Derek, Knicks

The Knicks have not won an NBA Championship an over 40 years despite playing in the number one media market and the great players they had. Midway through last season, the Knicks were struggling badly and it was evident that the current regime was not putting them any closer to ending their championship drought.

So, the Knicks brought in Phil Jackson who was part of the Knicks last championship to become the head of Basketball Operations. Initially, some were disappointed that Jackson would not take over as coach. But, Jackson has been a champion as a player and coach and deserves the benefit of the doubt that he can win a championship as the Head of Basketball operations.

The Knicks

The Knicks

Jackson’s first move as president was to find a man who could run Jackson’s triangle offense. After initially lobbying for Steve Kerr to become coach, Jackson chose Derek Fisher after Kerr decided
to take the Golden State Warriors head coaching vacancy. Although Fisher may not have been Jackson’s first choice, he may be the better fit for the Knicks.

Based on Fisher’s style as a player, he might be able to relate to this Knick team more than Kerr would have. Should a player question philosophy, all Fisher has to do is show the five rings he won as a starting point guard under Jackson. Once Jackson got his coach in Fisher, their biggest and most important step was to convince Carmelo Anthony into resigning with the team long term. After
a few anxious moments when it seemed possible Anthony would sign with the Chicago Bulls, Anthony decided to stay with the Knicks and signed a five year deal. One of the reasons Anthony decided
to stay with the Knicks, was as he stated; he trusted that Jackson and Fisher could bring a championship to New York. Anthony’s trust in Jackson and Fisher seems apparent as he has worked harder
and is more fit than he has been at any point of his career. Anthony is much slimmer which should help him maintain his conditioning over an 82 game season.

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