5 Things to Watch For in 2014

There are some very intriguing things to look out for in the world of sports in 2014.

Will LeBron James opt out of his contract and leave the Miami Heat?

Just as it was in the summer of 2010, the NBA world will be waiting to see what LeBron James decides to do. Four years ago the landscape of the NBA changed when LeBron decided to leave Cleveland and take his talent to South Beach. The Heat became the class of the NBA and Cleveland became one of the worse teams in the league.

The consensus is that LeBron will either elect to stay in Miami or go back to Cleveland. There’s an outside chance that he may go to either the Lakers or Clippers. Whatever he decides will impact the NBA for years to come.

Will College Football’s four-team playoff
system have less controversy than the BCS?

In the final year of the BCS, we were treated to one of the best BCS Championship games as Florida State edged Auburn 34-31. In years past, there has been some controversy as to which two teams should be playing for the National Championship. The BCS worked this season, as Florida State and Auburn were the clear teams that deserved to play for the championship. But if the new four -team playoff system was in place this year, there would have been a lengthy debate on which four teams should be involved.

By adding two more teams to determine a national champion, each team’s wins, losses, and strength of schedule will be under more scrutiny. The top four ranked teams coming into the Bowl games this year were Florida State, Auburn, Alabama, and Michigan State. However, teams such as Stanford and Baylor could make a case that they should be in the top four.

When this upcoming college football season ends, it will be interesting to see who the selection committee picks for the four teams to make the playoffs.

Will Tiger Woods win a Major this year?

In 2008 Tiger Woods won his third U.S. Open and his 14th Major. It seemed to be a forgone conclusion that he would break Jack Nicklaus’s record of 18 majors. But in November of 2009 things began to unravel for Tiger.

His infidelities cost him his marriage and fractured his image, and some say his golf game hasn’t been the same since. Now in 2014, Tiger is still stuck on 14 majors and is battling injuries. Tiger will turn 39 this year, and the odds will turn against him if he doesn’t start winning majors again. The field of golfers is getting better and is no longer intimidated by Woods.

What once seemed inevitable, Tiger breaking the record for most majors, is now an uncertainty.

Will the Miami Heat Three-peat?

The word “dynasty” is sometimes thrown around in the world of sports too loosely. However, if the Miami Heat can win their third title in a row, it will cement them as a dynasty. Only the Minneapolis Lakers, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, and the Los Angeles Lakers have won three titles in a row in NBA history.

By winning three titles in a row it would solidify the Heat as one of the greatest teams in NBA history.

Will Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao finally fight each other?

Ever since Floyd Mayweather returned to boxing in September 2009 after a 21-month layoff, boxing fans have been salivating over a possible Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao showdown. Due to numerous complications, such as money, random drug testing, and the cold war between their promotional companies, the fight has yet to come to fruition.

Now, as each man approaches the end of his career, and with the list of possible opponents shrinking, it’s time for these two men to finally meet in the ring.

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