Top Black Athletes 25 Years Old And Under

The names of LeBron James, Serena Williams, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Tiger Woods have been synonymous with their respective sports throughout their careers. They are also some of the most recognizable faces across the world. However, with the above mentioned names, the end of their playing days is closer.
So who will be among the next group of black athletes that will be household names for the next decade and beyond? In honor of Black History Month, we look at the top black athletes who are 25 years old and under.

Odell Beckham Jr. – 22 years old wide receiver for the Giants
Having only played one season in the NFL, Beckham has already established himself as one of the premier receivers in the NFL. He won the Rookie of The Year Award and finished the season with 91 receptions for 1,305 yards and 12 touchdowns. What makes his accomplishments more remarkable is that he did this while being hampered with a hamstring injury. There’s little doubt that Beckham will be one of the more recognizable and best athletes for years to come.
Anthony Davis- 21 years old power forward for the New Orleans Pelicans
In just his third season in the NBA, Davis has already established himself as not just one of the best big men in the game, but one of the best players period. So far this season he’s averaging over 24 points per game, 10.3 rebounds and an amazing 2.7 blocks per game. Some have already given him the distinguished honor by calling him the modern day Bill Russell. He is already a Collegiate and Olympic Champion and he seems destined to one day being an NBA Champion.
Sloane Stephens- 21 years old tennis player
Although she has yet to win a major title, she is a solid all around tennis player with a bright future. In 2013 at the Australian Open, she defeated the tournament favorite Serena Williams in three sets to advance to the semifinals.  While her victory against Williams was not a passing of the torch, we could see this happen in the next few years.
Damian Lillard- 24 years old point guard Portland Trailblazers
Over the past year, Lillard has captured fans attention with both his play and his personality. His signature career moment came last year in game 6 of the first round of the playoffs when he hit a game winning three pointer at the buzzer to defeat the Houston Rockets. In addition to his play, his hilarious Footlocker commercials have gained him exposure to another audience. In just his third season in the league, he has already made two All-Star teams and is one of the reasons the Trailblazers are one of the best teams in the Western Conference.

Adrien Broner- 25 years old professional boxer
In 30 professional fights, Broner has only tasted defeat once. At just 25 years old, he has already won world titles in three different weight classes. Although some of his antics rub people the wrong way, there’s no denying his talent in the ring. Is he the next Floyd Mayweather, the answer is no. But, he will be one of the faces of boxing once Mayweather retires.