Dapper Groomsmen and Trends We Love

By Shea Zaphir

What woman wouldn’t blush over her love looking dapper and dressed to the nines on her momentous day? The quote, “A well-tailored suit is to a women is what lingerie is to men” is no myth, it is pure fact. While most men are accustomed to the “Yes Love” syndrome and the attack on their checkbook, there is one aspect of wedding planning every man should have an opinion on.  So, if you’re the man of the hour and want to avoid outdated boxy rental tuxedos like the plague, this article is for you. The 2013 Groom’s style is all about mixed patterns with prints and individuality.  Stylish groomsmen over the last several years have been exercising their fashion senses with anything from the traditional matching tuxedos, to trendy vests and suspenders, even shorts or jeans depending weddings theme and location. Predictable traditions of hues such as navy’s and grays are long gone for grooms wear. Designers have expanded bold color palettes and incorporated fun textures in men’s design to be just as show stopping as their flawless brides to be. It is raining well-dressed men from chic pocket squares and suspenders to classic vests and brightly colored ties. We love how these stylish groomsmen all stepped out of the predictable matchy-matchy tradition and let their true style shine.

Trends to Watch

  • The reign of the bow tie is fading, but vests and ties are dominating suit closets this spring
  • Taking cues from The Great Gatsby and Mad Men’s utopic style is transcending the average man into a new man.
  • Casual less structured suits that are cleverly mixed and matched to each man’s personality is perfect for the no fuss gentleman.
  • Innovative boutonnieres with non-traditional materials are a new wave of personal touches for groomsmen.

Groom’s Attire should be about the man’s comfort and confidence. It is crucial to have a tailored fit to complete any of the looks. Although the women in your life may know exactly what they want to see on their men on their special day, the man’s voice is essential when it comes to choosing your style. So define your look, have your tailor and your boys ready to knock your girl’s socks off on your big day.  Here are a few more great ideas to add just the right touch for down the aisle.

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