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Accra Beach, Christ Church

Spring flirtatiously dances away as Fall, beautifully displayed in burnt orange, maroon and golden attire, now waltzes into the ballroom of mother earth. Lovely to behold, we know her visit is for a short spell. Soon, many of us will be preparing to bunker down for the arrival of the wise crone, onerous Winter. For now at least, there is only a shuddering suspicion that she will be an echo of last year’s especially frigid scenario. The mere thought of snow, garners groans and shudders. This is the time that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), rears its shaggy head and laughs in our faces. The emotional dread of isolation, snow generating into gray; then blackish slippery slush, the lack of sunlight and Elephant Man proportions of excessive clothing, is accompanied by the sounds of heavy sighs. Some people, however, do love the shimmery snow, crystalline cold and frosty fogs of the colder months. But for those whose eyes roll in distaste at the mere mention of winter, there is a longing. “We need a vacation, we want sunshine, blue skies and Bushwhackers!” the people shout. But vacations can be expensive luxuries that many cannot afford. As people continue to opt out on their yearly getaways, an affordable escape plan is in order.

In the coming issues I will transport you to one of the most beautiful and affordable island destinations in the Caribbean: Barbados. This series will delve into the many parishes that the country of Barbados has to offer, all while giving an insight into inexpensive events, breathtaking sights and valuable advice to enlighten explorers seeking a new and enjoyable peripatetic experience. This article is dedicated to the parish and the people of Christ Church. Christ Church, Barbados

Comprised of 22 square miles and located on the southern coast of the island, Christ Church is one of eleven historic political divisions in Barbados. This democratic parliament obtained its independence on November 30, 1996. The natives, called Bajans, are as warm and friendly as their surroundings and crime is almost non-existent.

Christ Church is a small parish that contains an assortment of diversity – from several long, isolated stretches of impeccable white sandy beaches surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water; to areas flourishing with lush botanical gardens and flower forests. Bajans love their beaches and gardens, which are pristine and well maintained.

Many attractions are within walking distance and free activities, as well as historical sites will keep a tourist busy day and night. There are multitudes of watersports – windsurfing, jet-skiing, snorkeling and kite-surfing and water sport competitions are enjoyed throughout the year.


Buses and mini-van transportation is reliable and for two Bajan dollars per trip, very reasonable. Just walk down to the main street (Highway 7) and wait for 2 minutes, seriously! The outing is all the more spectacular due to the parallel view of the seemingly never ending, gorgeous coastline. For a quick and informal trip, hop (and I mean that almost literally) on the bouncing and joggling mini- vans that loop around the parish. Playing uplifting reggae music, the drivers make short, brisk stops to pick up tourist and locals alike until the small vehicle is packed to capacity. When travelling to Bridgetown to explore other parishes, I found this mode of travel to be an enjoyable and boisterous event.


Christ Church has two fast food joints and only two grocery stores but it was a blessing not to see a big warehouse market. There are a multitude of shops, boutiques and recently the arrival of new mini-malls. Things tend to cost more here, so a day trip to Bridgetown can save you money. When- ever possible however, the best produce is found at the street stands. The locals take pride in the quality of their products. Three hot days a week a young man gathers and cuts fresh coconuts, pouring the nutritious elixir into a containers. Wendy stands under a canopy selling the most scrumptious organic vegetables to be had. These experiences and scenes evoked recollections of a native wholesomeness, one that delivers serene traces of nostalgia. Hopefully this peaceful equilibrium with the natural will remain. Bajans are a people and a culture still in harmony with earth. Entertainment Oistins; a fishing port and waterfront market is a Friday night destination not to be missed. I browsed through the kiosks of local artisans that encompassed the beach, inspecting the hand-made sandals, jewelry, hats and leather bags. Also on the premises are several inex- pensive, open-air, family style restaurants, serving delicious assortments of food. I or- dered an absolutely succulent Shark dinner that came with healthy sides of macaroni pie, cold slaw, yams seasoned with pine- apple and a crisp salad. My meal was so massive I split my plate with a friend and at $20 Bajan / $10 US dollars the cost was ridiculously low.

To work off some of my ginormous feast, I (with lessons from resident Lucy) danced the night away to the beat of spir- ited Caribbean music. With all my swim- ming, dancing, walking, discovering, lounging, laughing, eating and drinking, (ok, I can’t front and tell a lie) I must have lost about 7 pounds. Who knew that Barba- dos and Christ Church in particular could be considered a healthy weight loss pro- gram?

Adulo Apartments

Budget Accommodations use Code # 1217 If you want to get away from all the crowd- ed, stereotypical, touristy hotel venues, then Adulo Apartments might be the right place for you and your family. Comprised of numerous and private apartments, Adulo is located just 2 blocks from Accra Beach. It is a clean, friendly, and calming residence for the often times disheveled traveler. Christ Church is a fun filled yet hassle-free place to explore and provides the vacationer with an abundance of activities to make for a rewarding holiday. Likewise, in Christ Church one can concede to relax, sit back and if so inclined do absolutely nothing at all. Now where can you get that kind of stillness?
TRAVEL TIPS – Wear comfortable, sturdy shoes, or you’ll start sauntering like the Walking Dead – Carry and drink lots of water – bring and keep some fruit/nuts for traveling – The traffic and driving (to the left, to the left) are the opposite of the states so look out! – You must go to Bridgetown to connect to other parishes – Know what parishes are somewhat isolated, you might have to walk & walk & walk – Most airlines do not have direct flights to Barba- dos – Get your cab from the airport cab kiosk. It’s immediately outside the airport – Currency: The ratio is 2:1 in favor of the Ameri- can dollar – Change currency after you arrive to Barbados – Liquor is expensive go Duty -Free JUST IN CASE – Streetlights on back streets are scarce so carry a flashlight – Bring two pairs of sunglasses, a hat and a bandana for sweating – Bring a small first aid kit and medications (a bit more than you think you need) – You’re in the Caribbean; please try the fresh, local fish – Be nice and have fun!

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