CUNY Announces the opening of “The City College Center for the Arts” at Bonhams

CUNY Announces the opening of “The City College Center for the Arts” at Bonhams 

“It was on a recent lovely Spring evening over 200 eager New Yorkers interested in education and lovers of the Arts came to Bonhams Auction House to hear Dr. Lisa S. Coico, President of The City College of New York as she announced the launch of the City College Center for the Arts.

The Center will serve as a cultural hub that builds a sense of community both within the school and its surrounding neighborhood, while inspiring creativity and diversity. It will also provide a premier venue for local and national performers and for art patrons in the tri-state area.

Hosts included: CCNY President, Dr. Lisa S. Coico, CCNY VP Karen Witherspoon, Carole Haarmann Acunto, Alicia Bythewood, John Farr, Chuck Jackson, Donald K. Jordan, Ben E. King, Stewart F. Lane & Bonnie Comley, Pam Laskin, Byron & Sylvia Lewis

GUESTS included: Reginald Van Lee, Jean Shafiroff, Margo Langenberg, Joyce Haupt, Pamela Carlton, Claire Pellegrini Cloud & Rusty Cloud, Senator Roy Goodman, Tricia Jean-Baptiste, Lucia Wong Gordon, Anki Leeds, William Castro, Cheri Kaufman, Patricia Hill, Brie Bythewood, Lauren Day Roberts, Paola Bacchini & Arnold Rosenshein, Sharon Bowden & Larry Morse, Robin Cofer, Jill Spalding, Steve Acunto, Khalil Kain Stephen Byrd, Dr. Daniel Bythewood, Roberta Downs Sandeman, Emery Westfall,

Tim Walsh, Lillias White, Michel Witmer, Roy Kean, Travis Stewart,

Heidi & Alan Roberts, Christophe von Hohenberg & Carolina von Humboldt

Aaron Davis Hall the largest performing arts center in Manhattan north of Lincoln Center is now under the auspices of The City College Center for the Arts, and the focal point of this creative revitalization. It features two theaters that seat 630 and 267, respectively, and a studio complex. The venue showcases performances that are multicultural in focus, including classical, jazz and Latin music, dance, theater, literary readings, film, performance art and art exhibitions.